Getting Started

Welcome to the NCTE Connected Community!

If you haven't done so already, your first step to getting started is to log in.  Once you've logged into the Connected Community you'll be able to explore these great sections and resources:


Your Connected Community profile
helps other members learn more about you and your interests.  Check your profile page to be sure that the information displayed is accurate.   You can also view your Privacy Settings to manage the information in your profile that is visible to others.


The Directory allows you to search for and contact other NCTE members.  You can also browse your Networks to see who has similar interests.


are smaller communities within the NCTE Connected Community.  They are based on topics, interests, etc.  Groups have Discussions and Libraries associated with them.  Discussions are similar to listservs or bulletin boards where you can discuss with other group members.  Libraries hold documents, pictures, and other files for the group to discuss.