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    There's a role for everyone to play.

    Posted in: Reading Collaborative

    There's a role for everyone to play. Just do... more

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    RE: Recommended Reading Respect for Others

    Posted in: Secondary Level

    Jumped In by Patrick Flores-Scott From Booklist... more

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    Recommended Reading Respect for Others

    Posted in: Secondary Level

    Our all male Catholic high school is looking to... more

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    What does it mean when kids don't like to read?

    Posted in: Reading Collaborative

    If they don't choose to read for fun, we've lost. ... more


Adam BanksAdam Banks

Adam Banks is currently Professor of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky, and the Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Prior to arriving at Kentucky he served on the faculty of the Writing Program at Syracuse University. In addition to these academic appointments, he served jointly with Andrea Lunsford as the Inaugural Rocky Gooch Visiting Professors for the Bread Loaf School of English, and has been invited to short term visiting scholar roles at Spelman College, Ohio State, and MIT. He is the author of Digital Griots: African American Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age and Race, Rhetoric and Technology: Searching for Higher Ground, which was awarded the 2007 Best Book in Computers and Writing Award. He was also recognized as the 2014 Rhetorician of the Year by the Young Rhetoricians Conference.

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NCTE Announces the Kent D. Williamson Policy and Advocacy Center and the Williamson Policy Advocate Summer Residency:  Named in honor of Kent Williamson, NCTE's executive director from 2000 to 2015, both the center and the summer residency will be housed in NCTE's Washington, DC, office.NCTE Website, May 8, 2015 

How Teachers Want to Evaluate Their Students 
NCTE member Kathryn Mitchell Pierce, also a member of the NCTE Task Force on Assessment, writes.  The Answer Sheet blog, The Washington Post, April 23, 2015 

Senate Panel Votes Unanimously in Favor of No Child Left Behind Revision 
The Washington Post, April 16. 2015
Note:  Hundreds of NCTE members contacted their Senators on the panel in record time to vote no on an amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would have hurt the pieces we helped to get in there about comprehensive literacy education programs. The pieces we worked on were kept intact.

Status Update: ESEA Reauthorization and NCTE’s Recommendations 
Here are some of NCTE’s key recommendations and how they compare to the bipartisan bill.  Literacy & NCTE Blog, April 9, 2015