NCTE web seminar: Making Room for the Personal: A New Vision for Reading Assessment

Thursday, March 30, 2017, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM ET

The NCTE Policy Research Brief Reading Instruction for All Students (pdf) tells us that motivation and engagement serve as the foundation for student growth in reading. Personal connections with books and authors help students to fall in love with reading and become agents of their own reading lives. Yet it’s this personal dimension of reading that our classroom assessments are least likely to consider. The fact is, traditional forms of assessment capture only a fraction of who students are and what they can do as readers.

If we want students to develop the skill to read closely and critically—along with the desire to read for their own purposes—then we must commit ourselves to valuing both the analytical and the personal in reading assessment.

In this interactive Web seminar, Jennifer Buehler (author of Teaching Reading with YA Literature) will introduce participants to a new framework for assessment—one that is simultaneously personalsocialanalytical, and flexible. Participants will explore teaching and learning possibilities across a set of specific assessment activities that capitalize on students’ desire for voice, choice, and connection in the English classroom. 

Featuring: Jennifer Buehler, associate professor of English education at Saint Louis University


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