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Susan Houser is President-elect of NCTE and the Program Chair for the 2016 Annual Convention in Atlanta. "Faces of Advocacy" is the theme Susan chose for the Convention. When Susan issued the call for proposals, she had this to say about the theme: "When we hear the word 'advocacy' in connection to our profession, every one of us—teachers, instructors, professors, researchers, writers—has a different definition of what that means. There are people who might think that this only has to do with talking to senators and representatives in government about affecting changes on a state or national level. While this is certainly a part of advocacy, it is not the only piece of advocacy that this Convention wishes to explore." The program includes hundreds of sessions for educators at every level; keynote speakers, including Ta-Nehisi Coats, Brad Meltzer, and Diane Ravitch; and workshops


New Podcast! #WhyIWrite Episode 1 with author Brad Meltzer 

Across the Great Divide  This guest post is by author Richard Wallace. Wallace will be a keynote speaker at the Middle Level Meet-Up at the 2016 NCTE Annual Convention.

Writing to Remember  Celebrating the National Day on Writing #WhyIWrite.